Website Services

Casa Bui provides services in the area of Website Creation and Management.

Casa Buí can reserve your domain name, build and provide management services for your website. Management Services include Security Upgrades, Search Engine Optimisation activities, Traffic Report Generation, as well as update of site content. Customer content can also be updated independently of Casa Buí through social networking feeds.

Casa Buí can give your business a presence on the internet, giving your business valuable promotion, and providing a way for you to connect to your customers.

Website services can start as low as €160, including Domain Name Registration and creation of a simple website including personalised business email.

Management Services can start as low as €20 per month for simple maintenance and site traffic report generation.

Casa Buí specialises in active webpages with interfaces to databases. Take a look at the demonstration Electricty Trading System Overview developed by us. Casa Buí has recently developed a Building Energy Rating Estimator.

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