Casa Buí provides engineering services in micro-Hydro systems design and installation.

Micro hydro can be cost-effective for any off-grid site that has a suitable water resource, and even for some that are on-grid. There are three options for power in a remote area: purchasing a renewable energy system, extending the utility transmission line, or buying a petrol or diesel generator. Transmission line extension can be expensive because its cost depends on distance and terrain. Even the initial cost of a hydro system may be lower. A petrol or diesel generator may be cheaper to purchase but is expensive to operate and maintain. The total cost of ownership over the lifetime of the hydro system (3–25 ¢/kWh) is much lower than that of a generator (60–95 ¢/kWh). Once the hydro system is paid for, there’s no monthly electricity bill and minimal maintenance costs. Since utility rates tend to rise, the value of the power increases, making your investment "inflation-proof."

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