BER Assessment

The survey is an assessment of the dwelling’s energy consumption based on visual inspection of various characteristics of the dwelling. The survey can take up to two hours and does not involve drilling holes or disturbing the fabric of the dwelling in any way.

In general, the Survey will consist of the following:

  • Measurement of interior dimensions
  • Recording of the dwelling wall construction type and insulation (if any)
  • Measurement of Windows and recording of the type of glazing
  • Visual observations of aspects of the heating system
  • Visual observations of aspects of the hot water system
  • Energy saving lighting in use
  • Inspection of the attic space and insulation

It is recommended that any guarantees for any works done to the home be available for the survey. Any information about your home's heating system and any details of refurbishment works that could have added extra insulation, can be used in maximising the BER value of your home.

Casa Buí's BER Service also includes the provision of an Improvement Report on how you can improve your BER.

Check out our newly released BER Estimator.