What Impact Will BERs Have on Owners Selling or Renting a Dwelling?

The regulations apply to new dwellings for which planning permission was applied for on or after 1st January 2007 and to Existing Buildings (dwellings and other buildings) when offered for sale or letting on or after 1st January 2009. A person wishing to sell or rent a house will be required to get an energy rating carried out and to provide prospective buyers or tenants with this information. This will increase awareness of energy performance as a factor in the property market. Those with better rated homes i.e. more energy efficient homes will be motivated to highlight this as a positive selling point while those with poorer rated homes may be motivated to upgrade their homes as set out in the advisory report.

It is expected that investments in the energy performance of homes will benefit building owners and users in terms of improved comfort, lower energy running costs and possibly higher property values. Over time it can be expected to contribute to a change in market behaviour, which will ultimately improve the energy efficiency of the national housing stock and collectively, over time, these market activities could result in an environmental protection benefit in terms of a reduction in CO2 emissions from Ireland’s national building stock.