Brighton View - A-Rated Assessment

Casa Buí has carried out the BER assessment on 1 Brighton View, Harrison Row, Rathgar, Dublin 6.

The house has state of the art energy performance achieving A3 rating, and extremely close to A2. Some of the technology included is:

The house is incredibly well insulated. It uses rigid lightweight insulation with superior thermal performance as well as mineral wool insulation which is made from recycled material and is 100% recyclable, being durable, fireproof and resistant to rot.

Air tightness In timber frame building, an air-tight seal can be created by securing membranes inside the external wall and roof space and by taping joints. Air tightness is an integral part of achieving thermal energy efficiency in a house such as this. By being very air tight, both the amount of cold air leaking in and warm air leaking out is reduced: this, in turn, reduces the amount of heating required.

Ventilation heat exchange
Buildings require an internal system to circulate air, preventing the build-up of stale air. This home uses a system by which fresh air is drawn in from outside through a vent: an air-to-air heat exchanger then warms the fresh air using heat from the stale air that is being expelled.

Heat pump
The energy that is used to heat the building and the hot water is produced by an energy efficient heat pump, which provides the equivalent of 3.5 times the output for every unit of electricity it uses.

Evacuated solar tube heating system
The thermal solar panels located on the south-facing roof harness the sun’s energy using an evacuated tube system to heat water in the hot-water cylinder and to heat the cold air being drawn into the ventilation system. This type of tube, unlike the older flat plate collectors, will work even during the coldest seasons. The vacuum prevents the tube from being cooled too much in winter so that, even on the coldest day, if the sun is visible the water can be heated.

Rain water harvesting
The house has a very large holding tank concealed under the front driveway which collects all the rainwater from the house and grounds. This water is recycled to provide water for the toilet cisterns, utility and the garden hose. Reducing the water usage lowers the running costs once water charges are introduced.

Wood-burning stove
A beautiful double-fronted high efficiency wood-burning stove has been installed which can provide direct heating to be re-circulated through the entire house. This will provide for an alternative and carbon neutral way of heating the house.

Passive solar design
The house has been designed to maximise solar gain by using very large areas of glazing on the south facing rear side of the house. Excessive heat gain on this side of the house is redistributed through the entire house by the ventilation system.